M.T.Propertymart . is seeking personnel throughout England and Wales to perform and execute ‘Market Appraisals’ . This is offered on a contract agreement basis. The contract will commence on the offer and acceptance of a job.The contract will terminate on the successful execution and performance of the job and re-commence under the offer and acceptance of a different job subject to the same terms and conditions of the contract agreement.

A job will be defined as a designated customer at a designated address.

Each successful applicant will be offered their own exclusive territory based on their current location and will be known as the agent of that area.

Payment is subject to which option of sale is accepted by the customer :-

1.Fixed Fee – the agent will receive a fixed payment.

2.Commission – the agent will receive a commission payment on completion of sale.

The agent will be expected to observe codes of conduct, dress and performance that are associated with the profession of Estate Agency.

In the first instance all interested applicants should contact 01733 314348 / 07549944728

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